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Load Testing

Through our rigorous load testing process, we simulate operational conditions to certify your machinery can perform under the demands of your requirements.

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Why It's Important

Benefits of Load Testing

Load testing is an essential service provided by the certified experts at Sievert Crane & Hoist to ensure the safety and compliance of cranes and hoisting equipment.

Benefits of our load testing service:

  • Verifies that lifting equipment can operate under maximum load conditions
  • Helps in meeting local and international safety standards
  • Identifies potential issues before they lead to operational failures
  • Regular load testing can detect wear and tear early
  • Provides assurance to operators and management
  • Assesses the performance and efficiency of lifting equipment
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What We Do

Load Testing Process

Through this critical procedure, we simulate operational loads to verify the equipment’s ability to perform under expected conditions which highlights potential areas for improvement

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Initial Assessment

Before conducting any tests, we perform an initial assessment of the crane or hoist.

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Test Planning

Based on the initial assessment, we devise a tailored load test plan.

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Load Application

Prioritizing safety and precision, we apply the designated load using certified weights.

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Performance Monitoring

We closely monitor the equipment's performance to identify any issues.

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Detailed Inspection

After removing the test load, we conduct a thorough inspection of the crane or hoist.

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Reporting and Recommendations

We compile a comprehensive report detailing the outcomes of the load test.

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