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Electric Chain Hoists

Sievert Crane sells electric chain hoists for any application including clean room, and hazardous environments. We also offer repair for your existing hoists.

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Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoists We Manufacture & Service

Electric chain hoists, powered by electricity, come in many shapes, sizes, and specifications. Two of the most common types of electric chain hoist are hook-mounted and trolley-mounted.

hook mounted electric chain hoist

Hook-Mounted Electric Chain Hoists

These hoists are designed with a hook at their top, allowing them to be easily attached to a crane, trolley, or other rigging systems.

electric motorized trolley

Trolley-Mounted Electric Chain Hoists

These hoists are mounted on a trolley that runs on a beam or rail, enabling horizontal movement in addition to vertical lifting.

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Special Applications

Electric chain hoists are widely used in industrial settings, warehouses, construction sites, and various other applications including food processing and mining where hoists need to meet certain safety guidelines.

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Clean Room Hoists

These are specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry, with features such as stainless steel chains and food-grade lubricants.

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Explosion-Proof Hoists

Designed for when there's a risk of explosions due to flammable gases or dust, explosion-proof chain hoists minimize the risk of igniting explosive atmospheres.

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Our Electric Chain Hoist Services

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Our company offers a wide range of electric chain hoists for sale, featuring various capacities and functionalities to meet the diverse lifting needs of different industries.

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We provide comprehensive repair services for electric chain hoists, ensuring that your equipment is maintained to the highest standards for safety and operational efficiency.

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