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Manual Chain Hoists

Our sales team can help you find a new manual chain hoist to suit your needs or replacement parts for your existing hoist. We also offer repair services.

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Manual Chain Hoists We Manufacture & Service

Manual chain hoists are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and warehousing for materials handling and are preferred when electrical or pneumatic devices are impractical or unavailable.

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Hand Chain Hoists

Hand chain hoists are operated by pulling on a chain loop, which turns gears inside the hoist to lift the load attached to a hook.

lever chain hoist

Lever Chain Hoists

Lever chain hoists are operated by cranking a lever handle back and forth, which engages gears to lift or lower the load.

integrated trolley

Manual Trolley Hoists

These hoists combine a manual hoist with a trolley that moves along a beam or rail, allowing horizontal movement of the load.

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Our Manual Chain Hoist Services

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Our company specializes in offering a wide range of high-quality manual chain hoists, catering to diverse lifting needs across various industries.

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We provide expert repair services for most manual chain hoists, ensuring they operate safely and efficiently with minimal downtime.

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