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Greers Ferry Monorail Hoist Replacement

Sievert Crane & Hoist was the prime contractor for the monorail hoist replacement at Greers Ferry, Arkansas. The project is from the USACE, Little Rock District.

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greers ferry

Project Details

The scope of the project involved the removal of the existing 15T draft tube hoist, electrical power, and conductor bars. We installed and tested a new 15T hoist and trolley and conductor bar electrical system.

We also installed additional monorail track, a new safety ladder, platform, and fall arrest system. To ensure the safety and reliability of the lifting beam, we conducted non-destructive testing of the existing lifting beam.

Through our experience and expertise, Sievert Crane & Hoist successfully completed the project, ensuring the safety and reliability of the monorail hoist at Greers Ferry Powerhouse.

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Greers Ferry Powerhouse, Arkansas

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USACE, Little Rock District

greers ferry
greers ferry
greers ferry
greers ferry
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