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Services and Repairs

We are the one stop shop for all of your crane and hoist requirements, in-house or on-site

Inspection and maintenance

  • We offer OSHA inspections and service on all brands of overhead cranes and hoists (AC or DC)
  • Preventative inspection and maintenance programs
  • Computerized inspection reports


  • Our service team is available 24 /7 so you can avoid downtime
  • Safety certified technicians to trouble shoot and repair your equipment
  • Types of repairs:
    • Control stations
    • All types of radio transmitters and receivers
    • Runway electrification
    • Major gear case component repairs
    • Winch repair

Refurbishing and Modifications

  • Modernize your equipment for maximum speed control and performance
  • Our modernization programs will increase the longevity of your overhead crane and hoist and also increase your production with less down time
  • DC static step less upgrades to current VFD technology
  • Using VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) to control your crane and hoist, to help achieve greater speed adjustment, improve load control, increase hoist life, and to help reduce costs.

Load testing

  • Load testing and inspection of overhead cranes is required by many safety regulations, national standards, and manufacturers
  • We will load test @ 125% of the rated capacity for all new installations to comply with OSHA specifications and safety requirements
  • Non-destructive magnafluxing of overhead crane and hoist hooks, to identify stress fractures
  • Load testing capabilities up to 100 ton

Safety training courses

  • We offer operator training courses available for overhead crane and hoist operators, on-site or off-site
  • Courses are designed for experienced and beginner operators
  • Courses entail written exam operator licenses
  • Training courses can be designed to accommodate your requirements

Anti-collision crane systems

  • Installation of new system
  • Repair or replacement of old system

Laser alignment

  • Laser alignment of overhead crane runway systems

Maintenance Programs

  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually

Equipment Delivery and pick-up services

Below the hook lifting devices and rigging

  • Lifting device inspection and repair
  • C-hooks, grabs, vacuum lifters, chain and web slings, custom lifting devices
  • Lifting beams

OSHA requires crane inspections to be performed at least once a year. Sievert Crane & Hoist can also perform monthly, quarterly and semi-annual inspections, determined by environment, usage, and lifting capacity.

PDF Overhead Crane OSHA Regulations (PDF - 236KB)

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