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Safety Saves Operator Training Programs

Safety Saves Operator Training Programs   Sievert Crane & Hoist operator training program is provided through the Safety Saves Operator Training Program. As the most all-inclusive training programs of its kind, Safety Saves focuses on operating maintenance procedures that meet both industry and government regulations. Included in the program is an assortment of materials including; in plant pre-operation exam, safety booklet, safety course instruction booklet, safety posers, safety video, safety exam, program brochure, chain & wire rope gage, hard hat stickers, pre-operation checklist pads, video viewing affidavit, operator certificate and as well as an operator license.

The course is approximately 70 minutes and follows the following outline:

  • Course Introduction
  • Video Viewing
  • Question and answer period along with discussions on local laws, codes and/or company policies regarding safe crane and hoist operation not covered by the video.
  • Written Exam
  • Review and Discuss Exam Answers
  • Fill out Video Viewing Forms
  • Hand Out Leave-Behind Items:
    • Safety Booklet
    • Pre-Operation Checklist Pads
    • Chain and Wire-Rope Gages
    • Hard Hat Stickers
  • Distribute "Class Participation Certificates"
  • Distribute "Operator License"
  • Hang "Safety Posters"
  • Administer "In Plant Pre-Operation Exam

Safety Saves Operator Training Program is exclusively part of Yale-Lift-Tech International and its nationwide network of dealers.

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