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Crane & Hoist Inspections

Crane & Hoist Inspections   Sievert Crane & Hoist is dedicated to providing all customers with everything they need for their crane & hoist systems, including inspections. Sievert has the ability to not only offer OSHA periodic and/or frequent safety inspections but also the ability to offer critical component inspections. Ensuring that all equipment meets the requirements of OSHA inspections not only protects the individuals working with the systems, but also reduces possibility of production losses.

OSHA Inspections

OSHA, along with Sievert Crane & Hoist, recognizes the significance and necessity of cranes in any construction project and understands that these machines have the potential to produce significant safety hazards if not maintained and operated cautiously. In an effort to minimize the risk of injury or damage OSHA has set two major guidelines to standardize crane inspections.

Frequent inspections are completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (most commonly done before the start of a shift). Frequent inspections assess the safety hazards that go along with exposed moving parts, freedom of rotation for swivels, straightness of jib and boom and proper lubrication. These assessments review the components that have a direct bearing on the operational safety of the crane.

Period inspections are completed on a wider interval, ranging from every few moths to once a year. Period inspections assess the structural wear, hydraulic systems and counterweights of a crane and identifies components that need to be replaced or repaired to extend the life of the crane and to ensure operational safety.

Critical Component Inspections

In an effort to extend the life of cranes and crane components Sievert Crane & Hoist now offers a critical component inspection. During the inspection Sievert's OSHA certified service staff will disassemble each component and inspect them to ensure they are up to safety standards and they are functioning up to their potential.

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